Vintage Button Pendants

When planning for my  button necklaces, finding beautiful buttons for the pendants, is the first step. I find these one of a kind centerpieces iin resale shops, antique shops and button shows. Ebay auctions are also a wonderful source. I get great joy from selecting these buttons, probably as much as I do turning them into unique and  beautiful button necklaces. My love for the button itself is one reason for preserving these precious pieces in their most original form. I do not use glue, paint,

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or other material which would alter the buttons, when creating my necklaces. I begin planning each one by first selecting the main focal button. Then, I contrast and color coordinate the button with beads to create the final design. Browse the shop to see all of our unique button jewelry.  Thank you for visting our site, Dustystars! To be informed of upcoming events in your area and special offers on our jewelry, be sure to leave your contact information on the  contact us page.

No two button necklaces are the same.
They are one of a kind creations!