Button Earrings

Finding just the right buttons for my button earrings is both challenging and exciting. The challenges that this presented, delayed my introduction of them. Buttons for Button Earrings are obviously smaller than those used for button necklaces. With this in mind, I wanted to create earrings that were whimsical, delicate and yet sturdy at the same time. At the Peoria Festival of the Arts this past March, 2009; these button earring top sellers were met with delight,

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and the stock that I had at the show quickly went home on the ears of my happy customers! I find buttons in resale shops, antique shops and button shows. Ebay auctions are also a wonderful source. I begin planning the button earring making process by first selecting the main focal buttons. I contrast and color coordinate with beads to create the perfect eye catching earrings. Take a peek in our shop to see for yourself. These go quickly so if you see some you like don’t wait too long 
No two pair of button earrings are the same.
They are one (or two) of a kind creations