For Beaders and Collectors

When I was planning my new web site, a friend suggested that I might sell the buttons themselves as well as my button jewelry on the site. Being a beader herself, she pointed out that beaders, and for that matter, people who are involved in collecting buttons might be excited to also see buttons they could purchase here. I am far from an expert on button collecting. In the past year I have started going to my local button collecting club meetings. Wow!
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Even though I have been collecting my own favorite buttons for 25 years, I have learned so much in a short time. Types of buttons for collecting are so varied. glass, wood, military, brass, bakelite, champleve and my favorite, mother of pearl are just a few. I will be listing single buttons for collecting as well as groups of buttons for beaders and other button jewelry makers. I welcome any and all comments and questions on this exciting subject!